ThingsBoard Roadmap

The product roadmap listed below covers only main features and does not cover small improvements and bug fixes.

ThingsBoard CE


  • Device Profiles to dramatically simplify configuration of Validation, Thresholds and Alarms generation;
  • Rule Engine Query configuration management using Web UI;
  • OAuth configuration management using Web UI;
  • LWM2M and improved MQTT transport support;

See active development in progress here for more info.

Upcoming releases

  • Improvements to IoT Gateway;
  • Ability to save dashboard parameters (time intervals, etc) per user;
  • Mobile client SDK;
  • Python Device/Gateway SDK;
  • JavaScript Device/Gateway SDK;

ThingsBoard PE


Everything in CE 3.2, plus:

  • Usage statistics on a tenant/customer level: number of devices/customers/messages/API calls;
  • UI/UX improvements;

ThingsBoard Edge

Our team is going to release a new software product for edge gateways. This product will allow to bring edge computing, data collection and management to the edge, while seamlessly synchronizing with the cloud. Multiple ThingsBoard Edge components will be managed by a single ThingsBoard CE/PE installation.