Trendz Analytics

The ThingsBoard Trendz is an Analytics Platform that converts the IoT dataset into insights and simplifies the decision-making process. With Trendz you can:

  • Analise behavior patterns, outliers and trends
  • Predict system behavior and react beforehand
  • Define KPI using calculated fields, review dynamic and understand what affects it
  • Monitor how much time equipment spend in different states
  • Filter, group and aggregate data in different dimensions
  • Share the analysis with other users by embedding visualizations into a dashboard

Trendz can be connected to both:

  • Open source ThingsBoard Community Edition
  • ThingsBoard Professional Edition

Visit Trendz Analytics home page to find Use Cases and additional information.


The goal of this tutorial is to demonstrate the basic usage of Trendz Analytics. You will learn how to:

  • Login to the Trendz for the first time
  • Discover Topology from ThingsBoard
  • Create basic visualizations
  • Aggregate data on different levels using relations
  • Filter data using attributes and telemetry fields
  • Add Trendz View to ThingsBoard dashboard

Video Tutorial


Installation and first configuration

Detailed instruction on how to install Trendz on various platforms located here:

After Trendz installed you can sign-in to Trendz UI and discover topology:

Next Steps

Visualization Widgets available in Trendz and how to configure them

How to group and aggregate data

How to apply filters

Create calculated fields

Define custom states

Data Forecast and prediction tutorial

Add visualizations on dashboard and 3rd party pages