Installing ThingsBoard PE from AWS Marketplace

This guide describes how to install ThingsBoard Professional Edition from AWS Marketplace.

With this option you pay for Thingsboard Professional Edition on hourly basis.

Step 1. Select ThingsBoard PE Instance Type

Select one of the available AWS Marketplace Subscriptions:

Step 2. Subscribe to Selected Instance Type
  • Press Continue to Subscribe button


Step 3. Accept Terms and Conditions
  • Review and Accept all Terms and Conditions


Step 4. Continue to Configuration

Once Step 3 is completed you are able to save money by purchasing annual subscription and/or continue to configuration.


Step 5. Choose your Region

Select your region and continue to launch


Step 6. Read Usage Instructions

Make sure you review the usage instructions


Step 7. Choose your EC2 Instance Type

You can optionally change your EC2 Instance Type, VPC and Subnet.


Step 8. Configure Security Group Settings

Make sure you create new Security Group based on seller settings. You can optionally select different or create new KeyPair for your instance.


Populate necessary Security Group name and details and save new group


Finally, click “Launch”.


Step 9. Open EC2 console

Once Launch is complete, you can navigate to EC2 console to find out the Public IP address of the newly created instance.


Step 10. Obtain your Public IP and EC2 Instance ID

In AWS EC2 console you need to wait while instance state will be changes to running and all Status checks will be finished.


On the image above example instance has this Public DNS name


Instance ID

  • i-03d850e6a818328e4
Step 11. Connect to Thingsboard UI

Now you can open this link in your browser:

  • http://PUBLIC_DNS_NAME/login

In this example:


Use this login to connect as system Administrator


Default password for System Administrator is Instance ID (from Step 10). In this example:

  • i-03d850e6a818328e4

Now you can proceed to the next steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

See FAQ for information.

Next steps

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